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CNC key machine-locksmith essential key making artifact


CNC key machine-locksmith essential key making artifact

The advantages and disadvantages of CNC key machine is the main reason for the different key matching time. Since it is the gap between CNC machines, how to choose an efficient and accurate CNC machine that can get twice the result with half the effort?


1. to see if there is a large size HD touch screen

This is not too much to explain, people who use smart phones know the convenience of touch operation. As for why the big screen is needed, look at how popular the 5.5-inch iphone 6 plus is in China, and you will know how much people like the big screen.


2. look at the fuselage structure configuration

A solid and stable all-metal body is necessary, and dexterous operability is of course also essential. High-power high-speed motors, precise three-axis ball transmission tables and fixtures that can be adapted to various key blanks are all essential conditions for accurate and high-speed key processing.


3. to see if the key database is built-in

The key database is one of the core functions of the CNC machine, in the database can be directly queried by the key tooth shape code to the corresponding key detailed parameters, rapid processing. With it, the key processing can be completed in 2 minutes. Now do you know where you are slow?


4. to see if all keys are supported

The charge for losing all the keys is higher, and the preparation steps are complicated. It is still difficult for the locksmith who has just entered the industry to prepare. However, if the numerical control machine has its own three functions: database, tooth missing query and tooth profile coding, even if the new locksmith can lose all the keys in 5 minutes, it is completely out of the question.


5. if there is an online support platform

Even senior old locksmiths may encounter some product or technical problems. Some CNC key machine manufacturers will provide real-time online technical support to help locksmiths solve problems in time. Locksmiths can also communicate with each other on the platform and accumulate experience. However, if there is no real-time online technical support, locksmiths can only solve problems by themselves.


Whether the 6. system supports product upgrade

In the case of car manufacturers pushing new models every year, CNC machines must also keep pace with the times to upgrade hardware and software in order to meet the requirements of locksmiths, and those products that cannot be upgraded can only slowly become a pile of obsolete scrap iron.


Whether the 7. probe and milling cutter have separate and independent detents

In order to save costs, some manufacturers share the same card position with the probe and the milling cutter. When calibrating, learning the key and cutting, they need to replace the probe and the milling cutter repeatedly, which is not only time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also easy to cause errors, affecting the cutting accuracy and causing the cut key to be unusable. The use of separate independent card CNC machine, its accuracy and efficiency have a good guarantee, so the success rate of preparation has also been greatly improved.