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How to choose a key numerical control machine?


How to choose a key numerical control machine?

For many car locksmiths, especially newcomers, one of the problems they often face is that they don't know how to choose a car key CNC machine?

In fact, before answering this question, we must first start from our own needs and actual conditions.

In terms of your own business type, do you add more keys, or lose more keys, or have both? How about your hands-on ability, what is your budget, and so on.

1. select key machine type

At present, the key machines on the market are mainly divided into two categories, one is manual key machine, and the other is CNC key machine. The advantage of manual key machine is that the price is relatively low, but it is not convenient to lose all keys without database, and the operation is a little tedious and hard. The price of CNC key machine is generally slightly higher, but it is equipped with a database that can be queried, so it has obvious advantages in terms of total loss. Secondly, the CNC machine can automatically learn and cut the key, and the control is relatively simple and easy.

2. choose key machine brand

Car key CNC machine belongs to the locksmith tool equipment, professional degree is higher, the mainstream brand on the market is also a handful. KYDZ alien CNC machine is one of the best. Alien CNC machine is the industry's first key machine with image recognition tooth shape. It is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, built-in thousands of all-lost data, and equipped with lithium batteries to facilitate outdoor operations. Its comprehensive advantages are obvious.

3. select fuselage size

Just as all high-precision CNC machine tools have stable beds, the size, weight and materials of the main body of the key machine are very important to maintain firmness and stability. KYDZ alien numerical control machine adopts an integrated aluminum alloy die-casting main body, with a volume of 251*421*318mm and a weight of 17KG, which reflects the balance between performance and portability.

4. choose the core three pieces

CNC machine as the core of the three major parts: screw, guide and spindle, affecting the accuracy and speed of CNC machining. If small volume parts are used, the purchase cost is reduced, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The transmission part is easy to wear, which will affect the machining accuracy in a short time. KYDZ alien uses well-known manufacturer components, can withstand the test of harsh environment for a long time.