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CNC key machine maintenance


CNC key machine maintenance

When using the CNC key machine, be sure to observe the following:

1, need to operate under DC24V/5A, can be used normally. If the power supply voltage is greater than DC24V, the machine may be damaged due to overvoltage; and in the case of low voltage (lower than DC24V), it will cause the output force of the motor to decrease, which will lead to incorrect movement position and reduced cutting force.

2. Please replace and use the original cool open cutting knife regularly. If it is not replaced for a long time, the cutting force may be reduced and the key cannot be cut correctly;

3. The cutting effect of the cutting knife depends on the material of the key blank. Please set the cutting speed and cutting times according to the hardness of the key blank;

4, do not shoot, hit the machine, outdoor operation, do not put the machine in the rain and snow, to prevent moisture;

5. Before cutting the key, please check whether the key blank is standard. If the key blank itself is defective, the desired effect may not be achieved.