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Advanced multifunctional vertical key copying machine

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     1) Equipped with guide vertical depth micro-adjustment device,this machine is multi-functional which is easy to operate and 

       adjust with high accuracy.We can also supply Model Q32 DC,12V.

    2) The vise is tilting type and it can duplicate level concave,Mul-T lock concave,slanting concave(such as KESO and KABA keys),

        I shaped and inside/out side wave shape keys,etc.Q32is equipped with No.3 vises assembly .
    3) It is multi-functional for the whole vises assembly can be replaced within 10 seconds. By adopting the No.1 vises assembly, it can duplicate cylindrical arc hole,horizontal concave,Mul-T lock concave and inside/outside wave shape keys,etc.While the 

    No.2 vise assembly,it can duplicate cylindrical concave,horizontal concave,Mul-T lock concave,and inside/outside wave shape keyse,etc.


    Technical specifications: 
    1) Motor:
       a) AC, available in various different voltages and frequencies, 180W
    2) HSS cutter: No. 0038, No. 0040,No.0041,No.0042,No.3060X, No. 0060 No. 0062,No.0090,No.0093,

     3) HSS guide: No. 0068, No. 0070, No.0071,No. 0072, No. 3080X ,No.0080, No.0082, No.0080Q,No.0100,No.0103

    4) Dimensions: 56 x 39.5 x 43.5cm

    5) There is another color to choose from.




Advanced multifunctional vertical key copying machine



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