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Advanced multi-function double key copying machine

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    1.  Model 100-A2 is economical and suitable for different users with different demands.

    2.  The distance between the left vises is extended.

    3.  It is equipped with an extra rotary vise.

    4. The left vises are two-side used and rotary while the right ones are four-side used and     rotary.

    5. For duplicating keys outdoors, we provide Model 100-A2 DC that can connect vehicle 12V DC power, whose appearance and other functions are the same as Model 100-A2.

    6. The material of the left cutter is HSS, which is suitable to cut copper keys while the right  one is Cemented Carbide, which is more durable and suitable to cut metal keys.

    7. If the right cutter and guide are changed into the right angle cutter and guide, then it can cut right angle teeth keys.


    Technical data:

    1. Motor: 120W AC220V/110V  50/60Hz  or DC 12V 180W

    2. Cutter: HSS left: No. 0010#  right: No.0022#

    3. Dimension: 34*31*23cm




Advanced multi-function double key copying machine



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