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  Foshan Wenxing Machinery Co., Ltd specializing in the production of key copying machine and its accessories. Production is now four series key copying machine, and the production of nearly 200 kinds of tools, sales to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, key copying machine has been the European CE product quality certification and Canadian CSA product quality certification.
      Wen Xing factory production of key copy function to meet the needs of various types of key duplication, such as spur, bevel and cylindrical, cylindrical, wave shape and mother of pearl, flanged, hollowness, oblique dimple shape, the replication of extra long keys and small key also unique design, can according to need to choose the corresponding function key copying machine. In addition, there are DC, AC and DC dual-use models for your choice.
      Wen Xing factory can provide all the key models of standard parts and tools, but also can provide a special function of the purchase and performance of a better and more durable alloy tool.
      Wen Xing dedicated to provide customers with excellent service, promote capital appreciation, for the benefit of human society.
      Wenxing key machine, creating opportunity



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